YOU CANNOT MAKE HER OR BREAK HER, SHE IS A DIAMOND WHO WAS MEANT TO SHINE! Meet the boss ladies of the jewellery industry who are in pursuit of more

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Than talking about gender equality or women empowerment we choose to say, “Let’s be clear, Success has no Gender”. This ‘International Women’s Day’ we present to you women who rose from saying “I deserve new jewellery” to “life is too short to wear mass produced jewellery”, and successfully managed to create their niche in the luxury business space by innovating nothing else but perfection for the consumers of great taste.

If we could rewind merely a decade back, one vividly be able to comprehend challenges these women took up, to be, who they are today; for it takes one maximum efforts to outshine in the nascent phase of any business owing to waves of cutthroat competition and a dire need to be different every day in the fast paced environment of ever changing taste.

In the chaos of ever changing needs and preferences of buyers, women who made their mark by setting their own trends and statements in the said luxury space are none other than Shobhana Pradip Choksey, Founder, Shobha Shringar Jewellers; Seema Raniwala, Director, Raniwala 1881; Chhaya Jain, Jewel Architect, Zahav Jewels, Sensuel Jewels; Manushi Singh, Co-Owner, Rare Heritage By Mehta Emporium; Krishaa Ghanasingh, Strategy & Marketing Director, Ghanasingh Be True; Jyoti Manish Shah, Partner, Cappuccino Collection (Designer Diamond Jewellery); Sneha Hinduja, Proprietor, Jeweleravi to name a few.

This ‘International Women’s Day’ we reached out to these inspiring figures to learn a little more about their inspiring journey. Come; let’s get our eyes to some work.  We truly hope that like us you indeed will have a lot to be in an awe of.

Shobhana Pradip Choksey, Founder, Shobha Shringar Jewellers – Choksey’s journey is no less than music to ears, with over 3 decades into the industry she is known for creating nothing else but magic. It was 35 years ago, when Shobhana started working as a home jeweller, her beginning dates back to the time when the Gem & Jewellery industry was completely driven by family driven jewellers and local jewellers; in a male dominant industry it indeed was a hard play for jewellery designers to establish their foot. Beating all odds, with a unique business model and her strong network by her side, Choksey managed to make her mark. To achieve her business goals by her side she has had her father, husband and son who played a vital role in letting her vision turn into a reality. In the initial course of her beginning Choksey was into creating exquisite pearl and silver jewellery, which she used to design from her home; Shobhana managed to sell pearl jewellery like hot cakes and then using her ingenuity and enterprising nature she succeeded in carving a niche for herself in a family legacy driven industry. It was therefore after overcoming many such obstacles that Shobha Shringar Jewellers outlet was finally established in South Mumbai, as a one-stop shop which satiates every jewellery need, the brand was created with a clear intention of catering to the unique requirements of clients. And ever since the brand has just rose to fame. Choksey further shared with us that she always encourages her team to follow good work ethics and ensures that the brand produces jewels that are the traditional symbols and serve as perfect endorsement of unforgettable occasion. Brand’s path breaking work under Choksey’s leadership has bestowed ‘Shobha Shringar Jewellers’ with several accolades including designing the crown of Manushi Chillar, Miss India 2017.  When we asked Choksey, what’s next, with a sugar smile she said – We will continue to take the brand legacy forward.

Seema Raniwala, Director, Raniwala 1881 – There could not be a better story than of a union of fascination and legacy joining hands. One such intriguing tale is of Seema Raniwala who has always been spellbound by the beauty ‘jewellery’ holds. With the rich creative acumen she inherited from the beautiful city of Rajasthan, she got married into a family of supreme legacy; it was her fascination and her families’ support which got Raniwala introduced to the jewellery business. She began her journey by joining her father-in-law, Mr. Sushil Kumar Raniwala in 1990s with a vision to curate an experience of rare value that celebrates the traditional jewels of India. Right from the time she entered the business Raniwala was clear that she was not in the game for creating products, but to craft perfection seeking heirloom heritage jewellery that lasts for generations. Later with her children, Abhishek & Abhiyant joined the trade she has only and only taken the brand’s legacy forward. Raniwala on being asked about her success mantra, said, “I believe the most important single ingredient in the formula of success is – knowing how to get along with people and maintaining relationships with them. For any successful venture, honesty, trust and accountability are the three staples that need to be established from the beginning of a relationship & we at Raniwala 1881 have been nurturing it since our inception.” Raniwala believes that the world needs more women to own their power, embrace their difference and to dare to make their boldest mark on the world like never before.

Chhaya Jain, Jewel Architect, Zahav Jewels, Sensuel Jewels – Jain who is a Jewel Architect, Entrepreneur, Gemologist and Diamond Grader and a ‘ De Beers National Award Winner’ started her journey at a tender age of 17. It was her willingness and clarity to excel in the luxury space which led Chhaya to opt for jewel designing. Jain began her career as a trainee at a diamond jewelry export company ‘Eternity Jewels’ to becoming a chief designer and production head at ‘TBZ, Nirmal Zaveri’ for 6 years and simultaneously worked as a freelance jewelry designer with the leading companies across the country. It was after she was done developing insights of the trade that Jain went on to launching her own brand in 2009 under the title ‘Zahav Jewels’ and ‘Sensuel Jewels’ at the age of 27. The company she started with 25 employees stands at a strength of 140, today. In the last 10 years Zahav has grown into a brand providing classic to modern style of jewelry with a passionate and unique blend of Jain’s design sensibilities creating luxury, finesse and elegance. When we asked Jain about her success mantra, she said, “I credit my success to three ‘P’s, I follow and believe in – ‘Passion, Perseverance, Positivity’, including her sheer determination.

Manushi Singh, Co-Owner, Rare Heritage By Mehta Emporium – Talking to Manushi made us believe in the saying “what’s meant to be will always find a way” for Singh never had thought to be a part of the jewellery designing trade. She believes that it was God’s way of identifying her hidden inhibitions & passion that got Singh and Nakshatra Mehta together at a favorable time and place, it is their union which led to the inception of ‘Rare Heritage’. Singh entered the jewellery industry in the year 2013 and since then there has been no looking back for her. Through her sharp and swift moves she went on to mark her niche in no time and has been successfully managing ‘Rare Heritage’ for the past 5 years. Singh credits her success to – her strong belief in, not being afraid of failures and making the most out of endless learning opportunities. For her this journey has been extremely beautiful which she rejoices and calls never ending. When we asked her to give a message to today’s women, Singh went on to sharing- “To all the women out there, if you believe in yourself, then choose to do the things that you THINK you can’t do!”

Krishaa Ghanasingh, Strategy & Marketing Director, Ghanasingh Be True – From the world of Finance she landed into the world of glitter and glam, this indeed makes an interesting story for the exciting shift, Krishaa Ghanasingh made. When we took a drill into the matter Ghanasingh cheerfully said that it was love which not only got her hitched to the man of her dreams, Gautam Ghanasingh but also to the trade of jewellery business too. Krishaa who has worked as a financial advisor at JP Morgan, followed by Goldman Sachs holds work experience of over a decade as an investment banker, later went on to joining family business after her blissful marriage. It was in 2012, Krishaa along with her husband and his family launched their very first retail outlet in Bandra with a vision to make their brand an international brand. With her exceptional planning, forecasting, executional abilities and innovative brand strategies Krishaa successfully took ‘Ghanasingh Be True’ to newer heights; today, the fine jewellery label holds its presence globally via e-commerce. Krishaa has played a pivotal part in building Ghanasingh Be True. Being an avid collector herself, she keeps track of international trends, her undying passion for work and immense business sense serves as a motivating factor for many aspiring barons. Krishaa stresses on the ability of women to find their own space through hard work and perseverance. She believes that women are bound to play a very crucial role in shaping the business environment in India over the next decade.

Jyoti Manish Shah, Partner, Cappuccino Collection – On  the occasion of International  Women’s Day, mostly we will hear and read stories on the lines of “Behind every successful woman is herself”, however when we spoke to Shah, she broke the stereotype and gave the credit of her unmatched success to her husband, Manish Shah.  Jyoti’s journey is adorable and inspirational for it is touching, inspiring and full of love. Shah who was a housewife wanted to be more than just being one, and then on one final day her husband who is a diamond merchant gifted her jewellery production unit. Now isn’t that such an awwww moment? Well merchants are hawkeyed and it took no time for Manish to identify his wife’s passion and designing skills, and that’s how Shah got introduced to the trade. With her husband’s support Shah went on to starting the brand, Cappuccino Collection. As a working woman, housewife and a mother of 2 kids, Shah says,” It was no  cake walk for her to  attain success.” She goes on by adding that this journey would not have come to the point of success, it is at today, should she not had her family support. In the initial stage of the business, Shah worked closely with several jewellers from all over the nation. It is her years of practice, willingness and eagerness to do better that led her to make a mark in the industry and be respected for her work. Shah moves on to saying that Cappuccino Collection has completed 10 years, and in the said course of time we have won many hearts, our clients who started their relation with us on a very formal note today have become our family and friends.  And that’s what Shah calls a true moment of content and joy.

Roopali Golecha, Partner, Golecha’s Jewels – Passion to work and a dream to be an independent woman led Golecha join her family jewellery business. Ever since she has joined the trade, Golecha like a pro has been managing and supervising the end-to-end sales portfolio including accounts for their two showrooms based in Mumbai & Jaipur. Roopali entered the family trade in the year 2009, and calls her journey from being a homemaker to becoming a successful entrepreneur joyous. Right from the time Golecha started working she has not looked back, she gives the credit of her success to her family; Roopali further goes onto saying that her family not only extends support to her but also nurtures her ideas for enhancing business. Golecha’s success story is purely based on the ground of her conviction “without commitment you will never start and without consistency you will never finish”.  She urges the women of today to stay focused and work with determination.

Sneha Hinduja, Proprietor, Jeweleravi –It was Sneha Hinduja’s passion for jewellery which led her to the jewellery designing business. Hinduja who has been into the trade for over a decade summarizes her journey to be only and only ‘astounding’. All her hard work and persistence she believes has helped her learn new insights and deliver more. Her true accomplishment is the comfort and trust of clients that Sneha has earned over the years. While we spoke to her on her achievements Hinduja had twinkle in her eyes and an ear-to-ear smile; after all winning clients’ hearts is a true victory in any trade. Well that’s what we call genuine gratitude. For Hinduja personal touch and developing a deep understanding of client’s requirements is the only way to win a client’s heart and excel.

A woman is the full circle; within her is the power to create, nurture and transform. Women power-fuels the entire nation and it is women of the said stature who are further motivating other women to be more and to be who they want to be.