Spice up the Spring with the sparkles of Rare Heritage, A Mehta Emporium Initiative!

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It’s spring which means a lot of us are starting to ponder the new season staples we’d like to spice up our wardrobes. And with summer around the corner it is important that right from your clothes, accessories and make up very importantly your jewellery collection too is aligned.

Bearing the season in mind we reached out to one of the few handful jewellery brands, Manushi Singh, Co-Founder, Rare Heritage, A Mehta Emporium Initiative who have launched their summer spring collection for 2019, to elevate your fashion statement and spirit.

Do read the excerpts of our conversation-

Could you please tell us about your Spring Summer 2019 collection?

Gaia is the inspiration as Rare Heritage, A Mehta Emporium Initiative, welcomes the Spring/Summer 2019 collection by captivating the harmony between mesmerizing gemstones & the ever changing and eternal seasonal blooms of creation. Singh further added that Floria, Immersia, Mineralia and Cealia are the lines in this collection and the elements of nature’s colour palette characterizes the same. Reign Of Gaia takes you on a delightful ride to experience the harmony of the bride to be & nature by infusing techniques of precious stones set at different angles in layer, clusters and encrustations, to create intense scintillation.

Rare Heritage Campaign Shoot (2)What was your inspiration behind this collection?

Nature surrounds us and every facet is unique and beautiful. Drawing inspiration from this endless bounty, we have created our signature creation, the ‘Reign of GAIA’, added Singh. Revelling in the splendour of Nature’s beauty, our designs and colour palettes are created by amalgamating an ostentatious use of precious stones to represent the form and colours of landscapes from the oceans depths to the whorls of blossoming flowers, mountain peaks and everything in between. Organic elements like hand carving and filigree add a personal touch to every single piece in the collection.

What is the USP of your collection?

Singh states that, our belief in producing pieces that become family heirlooms is what we pride ourselves in. At Rare Heritage this is our motto and it shines through our entire process, right from inspiration to conception and then creation. The initial design lays the foundation for stunning and elegant jewellery which then becomes synonymous with grace, culture and grandeur. This is our USP and this is what we aim to achieve.

The collection is available in which all stores?

The collection is available at the Rare Heritage, A Mehta Emporium Initiative store in Malad, Mumbai.

Take on the upcoming trend

There is a visible shift in the trend to a modern, edgy Indian bride with a touch of tradition. An ostentatious use of diamonds, trillions, Russian emeralds, sapphires, tanzanites, and other precious stones will set the tone for the trousseau. Bold designs and precious setting combinations with edgy gemstones and diamonds layered with scalloped jewels at different lengths create a regal presentation. The cocktail look is also trending this season. Another trend that has picked up pace is the stacking of jewellery trend. We have noticed that brides are preferring pieces which they can stack up and stand out in on their special day.

Rare Heritage Campaign Shoot (5)With this we hope that you have enjoyed reading into some interesting insights to do with this summer, and the exciting new collection of Rare Heritage to up the freshness and sparkle of summer of 2019.

It is time for you to take your pick!


TOP Jewellers of India forecasts the Top Jewellery trends for the upcoming season

fashion,, jewellery, wedding

Trend forecast is a byproduct of a calculated research at every level. From the old school buyers to Gen Z’s preference, everything matters. A fine jewelry trousseau should be versatile and classic, with diverse jewelry types and pieces that can then be styled with varied wardrobes across occasions.

The outset of summer brings a fresh dosage of light-weight jewellery. Bringing in a new wave of trendy designs celebrating the feminine elegance. From intricate patterns to delicate florals, mix media materials to colored stones. A comprehensive jewelry collection can add character and originality to a woman’s wardrobe. Whether you’re selecting a piece of jewelry for a formal, casual or a grand occasion, knowing what is available out there and what suits your style is essential.

Jewellery this spring is all about intricate opulence & playful innocence. Let’s trace out the key trends that would prove show stealers for this SS 2019 to be showcased at Glamour 2019, India’s Premier Exhibition of Fine Jewellery (B2C) from 26th to 28th July, 2019, Sahara Star, Mumbai.

Manushi Singh, Co-Founder, Rare Heritage, A Mehta Emporium Initiative shares, “Based on the last few years, we at Rare Heritage have seen a tremendous inflation in the demand for traditional gold temple jewellery. We cater to over 100 brides per year and as per this rise in requests for jewellery, it is apparent that the new age contemporary brides are all for traditional golden jewellery. A contemporary bride who wears sorbet colours or fusion outfits always wants to add that bit of heritage and tradition to her ensemble, hence the selection of golden temple jewellery.”

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Image credit: Rare Heritage, A Mehta Emporium Initiative

“Aqua color jewellery is a sp​ring awakening trend, more like a cousin to the rainbow jewellery trend. Aqua pastel shades offer a more wearable and versatile take on color, which is an easier investment to make for consumers. In addition, Garden Jewellery is a rage too; we feel nothing says summers like floral jewellery. Florals bring out the parts of ourselves that are soft and welcoming. Everyone looks relaxed & happy in florals. And this combination of diamonds in the floral form just do the right justice to the mood. Last but the not the least another trend we must talk about is Temple jewellery; at Zewar, we take pride in creating handcrafted temple jewellery. It’s not just a craft. It’s an art that draws heavily from the rich culture and heritage of our land, and temple jewellery is a testimony to that. Also nothing can match the grandeur and exquisiteness of Indian temple jewellery” highlights Ajay Jain, Zewar by Valchandson

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Image credits: Zewar by Valchandson

Yash Agarwal – Designer & Creative Director, Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jaipur opines, “Inspired by the maharani necklace, one of the biggest bridal trends for this wedding season is multiple layering of the neck pieces. Chokers since have always been in vogue and will never grow old fashioned, Brides can pair beautifully carved chokers with multiple mid-length or long-length necklaces to create a majestic look on her big day. Another trend to look forward to is floral/flower inspired jewelry. Jewelry and nature go hand in hand and flowers are synonymous of the season – making floral jewelry a must-have accessory to outfits this summer creating a classic yet contemporary look.”

Image 2                  

 Image credits: Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jaipur

“An Indian traditional jewelry style that has found its way through the generations and is now in the forefront of the modern fashion trends while keeping its heritage alive. We feel like the term Navratna has finally found its way in the modern girl’s jewelry dictionary and slowly, her jewelry box. Whether you’re a maximalist or a minimalist, this rainbow hued jewelry trend is for everyone with its dainty elegance and cheerful persona. It’s almost as if every shade of the rainbow is crafted into a single piece. In a traditional definition or contemporary, the navratna jewellery is taking over 2019 and how!” Concludes Abhishek Raniwala, Director, Raniwala 1881.

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Image credits: Raniwala 1881

Bulbeer Gandhi, Event Director of the Lifestyle Division of ABEC Exhibitions and Conferences Pvt. Ltd. states, “GLAMOUR in its 19th year will be buzzing with the latest trends in jewellery. The most exciting part is that GLAMOUR has handpicked the most innovative jewellery designers from across the nation; the participating designers and brands are going to put their best foot forward on novelty and creativity front. GLAMOUR 2019 will be the most desirable & ideal platform for to-be-brides of 2019 & 2020 and jewellery aficionados to witness and pick from India’s most renowned and creative designers.”